Automatic block making machine

QT6-15, QT8-15, QT12-15 block making machine uses imported PLC control system, HMI automatic failure diagnosis. The vibration system uses electro-hydraulic proportional valve control to achieve a low feeding and high vibration molding frequency. The feeding system installed with multi-row stirring fork, can quickly and evenly discharges the material into the mold box; through the replacement of molds, it can produce a variety of blocks, standard brick, and multi-hole brick. It is ideal equipment for the production of new type materials for wall.

Features and advantages

1. It has simple overall structure and with special welding technique. Four-oriented pillars not only ensure a stable and precise molding, but also adapt to the replacement of various molds, serving several purposes;
2. The whole process uses PLC intelligent control system, with features of easy operation and high degree of automation;
3. Adoption of hydraulic drive technology, high-frequency vibration compression molding, to achieve high-density, high strength molding effect;
4. Uses unique compulsory shaft-rotating feeding device, which is with new structure, attractive appearance, uniform feeding, high efficiency;
5. Special wear-resistant mold extends the service life and effectively reduces the cost.

Structure Chart


Model QT6-15 QT8-15 QT12-15
Vibration frequency(times/min) 2700-3800 3800-5100 3800-5100
Forming cycle(second) 15 15 15
Power(KW) 26 36.5 38
Weight(T) 10.8 12.5 14.8
Pallet size(mm) 900x600x35 980x820x40 1300x850x40
Dimensions(mm) 3200x1900x2600 6930x2030x2750 6930x2650x2850
Hollow brick 6pcs(390x190x190) 8pcs(390x190x190) 12pcs(390x190x190)
Multi-hole brick 15pcs(240x115x90) 21pcs(240x115x90) 30pcs(240x115x90)
Holland brick 18pcs(200x100x60) 24pcs(200x100x60) 36pcs(200x100x60)
Standard brick 30pcs(240x115x53) 42pcs(240x115x53) 60pcs(240x115x53)

·The picture is only for reference, please make the object as the standard.
·Technical specifications may be subject to variations without notice.

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